Shaker Slant Drawer Front


product description



This drawer front with a flat center panel surrounded by a wide rail and stile with a slight angled profile, creating a subtle beveled effect, similar to the Shaker Slant door style.

Sales Policy

All doors and drawer fronts are custom manufactured from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to customer size and specifications; therefore, all sales are final.

Reasonable Treatment Requires Doors and Drawer Fronts to:

  • To be stored in an area where temperatures will not exceed 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Store in areas not subject to irregular cold, heat, or humidity. 
  • Do not store the doors or drawer fronts in damp or humid areas. 
  • Any door or drawer front claimed to be defective must be accompanied by a picture(s) of the issue within 7 days of receiving the order. Picture(s) will need to include the entire item showing the defective area. 

Specific Limitations

  • All doors with a finished width and height of all doors and drawer fronts may vary +/- 1/16”. 
  • Warpage or twisting up to 3/16” is considered acceptable and will not be considered defective. 
  • Any door exceeding 24” in width or a height of 48” will not be covered if the door is received and warpage occurs. 
  • Any door with a flat center that exceeds 42” in height will be doubled paneled unless the customer requests otherwise. Any door over 42” in height that is which the customer has requested to be a single panel will not be considered defective if warpage occurs. 
  • Any drawer front with a width of 33” or a height of 10” or more will not be covered if warpage occurs. 


Ordering Information

  • All orders can be placed online at Please be advised once an order has been submitted it is considered final. Any submitted order needing a size or style change will be at the customer’s expense. 
  • Allow 5-10 business days for an MDF order to be made, shipped, or ready for pick up. 
  • Orders placed after 12 PM on Friday will not go into production until the following Monday. 


Shipping Information
All orders not scheduled for local pick up will be shipped within two business days of being completed. The cost of shipping will be determined based on the size of the items being shipped. The total shipping cost will be reflected prior to payment information being obtained. All orders will be shipped through UPS ground shipping, the shipping time will vary depending on the distance the order is being shipped. 

Payment Methods
Payment in full is required at the time the order is placed. Orders can be paid by debit or with credit cards. All other forms of payment will not be accepted.